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Hux TC-PRE : Transformer Coupled Microphone Pre-Amplifier

The Hux TC-PRE is a dual channel microphone pre-amplifier designed for the discerning operator who values a high level of audio performance above features. The core concepts are to eliminate unnecessary switching and coupling components, to provide a clean, simple audio path and to offer a level of performance that is directly comparable with more expensive devices.

Each pre-amplifier is hand built and is designed to provide a long and trouble free lifetime. High quality double sided circuit boards are used. The active stages are wired back to the overbuilt power supply in a dual mono configuration. Internal connectors are not used, all switches, connectors, potentiometers and internal links are hardwired for total reliability.

The unit uses input transformers manufactured by Lundahl, these transformers have a ruler flat response in the audio spectrum and are among the best available. The use of an input transformer in a microphone pre-amplifier simplifies the gain stage, improves the common mode rejection ratio and eliminates most of the normally required coupling capacitors.

The input gain is set in 4dB steps via a 12 position rotary switch. Switched input gain ensures that the gain tracking between channels at any setting is identical and repeatable. A linear potentiometer is fitted between the gain stage and the output driver to enable an output trim. A slow ramping phantom power circuit ensures that any source requiring 48 volts is powered on or off gently. The phase reverse function is relay enabled, the signal phase is switched at balanced line level to ensure long term sonic integrity. The outputs are direct coupled active balanced and are floating.

The pre-amplifier sounds clean, crisp and neutral. The unit would normally be supplied as two channels in a 1Ru rack box, it can however be custom ordered in any configuration from one channel upwards.

Audio Bandwidth : 20Hz-20KHz +/- 0.2dB (roll off above 100KHz)
Minimum Gain : +22dB
Maximum Gain : +66dB
Max Output Level : +28dB balanced (+22dB unbalanced)

Options :

(1) Input Pad : A relay enabled 20dB pad can be fitted if required. A pad is not fitted as standard as the unit has sufficient headroom for its intended applications.

(2) Switched Trim : A 12 position rotary switch can be fitted instead of the standard linear output trim potentiometer, this enables the output trim to be set in accurate and repeatable 1dB steps.

(3) Middle and Side Matrix : When the MS matrix is installed, additional full time M/S outputs are fitted to the rear panel. The outputs are then left, right, left plus right and left minus right. Relay switched balanced jack inputs will allow the matrix to be accessed independently from the gain stage if required.

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