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Hux Wee-Pre : Mono Transformer Coupled Microphone Pre-Amplifier

The Hux Wee-PRE is a single channel microphone pre-amplifier designed for the discerning operator who values a high level of audio performance packed into an extremely small box. The unit is powered by an external 16 volt AC wall wart. The core concepts are to eliminate unnecessary switching and coupling components, to provide a clean, simple audio path and to offer a very high level of audio performance.

The unit uses an input transformer manufactured by Lundahl, this transformer has a ruler flat response in the audio spectrum and is among the best available. The use of an input transformer in a microphone pre-amplifier simplifies the gain stage, improves the common mode rejection ratio and eliminates most of the normally required coupling capacitors.

The input gain is set in 4dB steps via a 12 position rotary switch. A linear potentiometer is fitted between the gain stage and the output driver to enable an output trim. A slow ramping phantom power circuit ensures that any source requiring 48 volts is powered on or off gently. The outputs are direct coupled active balanced and are floating. This pre-amplifier sounds clean, crisp and neutral.

Audio Bandwidth : 20Hz-20KHz +/- 0.2dB (roll off above 100KHz)
Minimum Gain : +22dB
Maximum Gain : +66dB
Max Output Level : +27dB balanced (+21dB unbalanced)