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Hux Wooden Patchbay Frames

Hux wooden patchbay frames are designed to hold standard 19" rack mount XLR (or other) patchpanels. The units are intended to bolt on to the surface of the studio or control room wall and have a relatively low profile. Each frame is hand made from high quality Tasmanian Oak and is finished with between 2 and 4 coats of varnish and stain. Each frame includes the required rack mount and wall mount hardware (rack angle, cage nuts, rack bolts & washers, and L brackets to mount to the wall). All Hux products are built to order.

The above shows a pair of 1Ru patchbay frames, these are 42mm deep.

The above shows a pair of 2Ru patchbay frames, these are 42mm deep.

Above shows a pair of 3Ru patchbay frames, this particular pair were made as stage boxes and have rear feet to sit on the floor, this pair are about 62mm deep (from memory)

A 1Ru frame on a studio wall.

Above shows a 2Ru frame mounted on a studio wall. In this photo you can see the L brackets that hold the frame to the wall. This particular patchbay has a very high density of cabling going to it.

The above photo shows a 4Ru patchbay frame mounted on a studio wall. This particular patchbay includes 24 x mic level lines, 14 x line level tie lines, 2 x guitar level tie lines and 6 x speaker level lines.

The low profile of these patchbay frames does make it difficult to fit the cables in behind the connectors, however with a little care and forward planing everything can be made to fit as these photos show.