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Hux Electronics : Gallery 11

More photos of more audio things


A nice bit of mastering kit from Matthew Gray Mastering.

API 550M equalisers after having a Chris Muth (a mastering mod guru) designed balanced input modification, fitted by Hux.

Re-soldering the 2500 (or so) pins of all the PCB mounted loom headers on an Allen & Heath ML-4000-48 live mixing console, the console is so long (or tall, standing on its end) that I had to stand on a box to re-solder many of the channels. I was able to re-solder most of the header pins without full disassembly, which would have made the job extremely expensive (had to remove some channels for re-soldering). This job is not for the impatient or those with sloppy soldering skills.

An SSL Series 5000 broadcast console, this is a fully modular console and is completely logic controlled, located in a secluded private studio an hour north of Brisbane, serviced by Hux.

A Buzz Audio REQ-2.2 Mastering Equaliser, this unit uses real inductor circuits and a bunch of clever remote switching circuits to control them, repaired by Hux.

The guts of the Buzz Audio REQ-2.2 EQ, certainly lots of stuff in the box.

A Sontec MES-432C Parametric Mastering Equaliser, owned by Matthew Gray Mastering, repaired by Hux

"Developed by Burgess MacNeal and George Massenburg, the Sontec EQ was one of the first parametric EQs created and to date remains highly sought after, particularly for mastering. To this day it is heralded as George Massenburg's most musical sounding EQ design".

The Sontec up close and personal

Inside the front panel of the Sontec, the rotary switches are huge, chunky and very positive feeling, to give some perspective the small rotary "Q" select switches shown at the front of this image are "normal" sized high quality units.

A close up of the Sontec rotary switches.

The rear panel of the Sontec EQ, this unit was originally built as a four channel unit and then later modified to be a two channel unit.

A model of an early steam powered car made out of wire and solder built by one of my kids for a school project.

A Bewitch 6550 Valve Hi Fi Amplifier, this unit is probably one of the better built and nicest sounding of the current crop of Chinese made valve amplifiers, repaired by Hux

The guts of the Bewitch 6550, nice solid circuit board, high quality 105 degree capacitors, simple and robust design, just what the audio doctor ordered.

A Neumann M150 valve microphone, owned by David Spearritt, valve replaced by Hux.

Disassembly of the M150

The M150 circuit board, part way through fitting the new valve

The M150 circuit board with new valve in place