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Hux Electronics : Gallery 12

More photos of audio things


The following photos are of the rebuilding of a Brisbane recording studio. The studio was originally called Jumpstart Productions, later the name was changed to Yooniq. In early 2009 the studio was put up for sale, unfortunately the only serious buyer was going to bulldoze the place and build townhouses and so the owner began stripping the place out, he removed all of the patchbays and much of the cabling. At the eleventh hour the Queensland University of Technology came to the rescue and bought the place outright. Hux Electronics was contracted to put it all back together again. Luckily most of the patchbays had been removed intact, it was still a large job but not as large as it could have been if everything had been cut off with cable shears (the normal way to strip a studio). The studio is now known as QUT Doggett Street Studio.

Warren at the start of patchbay re-termination duty, this spot was home for a while. While much of the patching was intact the opportunity was taken to correct a few patchbay layout issues while everything was out of commission.

Patchbay central, this bay houses seven bantam patchbays and three XLR patchbays plus a few other bits and bobs.

Just another day doing something or other........

Looking back from the console.

Looking forward towards the console.

The Studio Room. The Control Room window is on the right. This is an excellent audio facility

Another "in progress" shot

Warren and Brett on connector labeling and cable testing duty

I love the smell of cable looms in the morning, a view from behind the patchbays.

A front view of the patchbays

Nearing the end and looking a bit weary

Another shot from the console looking towards the rear of the room, this shot shows off the large timber diffuser on the rear wall.

The finished and tested Control Room. The room is fitted with an Amek Media 5.1 console, ProTools HD, Tascam 2" 24 track tape, TC Electronic M6000 reverb system and a bunch of nice outboard. This shot is still with the worklights on so you will have to imagine what it looks like in normal mode. It is a really nice space just to be in.

Multiple racks of XTA graphic equalisers at IJS Concert Sound.

A Yamaha PM-4000-48 console at IJS Concert Sound, this is ex Jands Production Services in Sydney and must have seen a few major gigs in its time, repaired by Hux.