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Hux Electronics : Gallery 14

QUT Gasworks Studio, Doggett Street

The following photos are from the installation of Studio "B" and Studio "C" at QUT Gasworks Studio in Doggett Street, Newstead. Installed by Hux in early 2011.

Studio "A" just shown as a reference point here, installed by Hux at an earlier time.

One of the portable benches set up for loom making.

A large pile of 8-way multicore looms awaiting fitting, this represents about half of the cabling to be installed.

Brett on the job terminating one of the wall mounted XLR plates.

The Studio "B" outboard rack before the top was installed.

Audient ASP-8024 recording console, Studio "B"..

Studio "B" during testing, with the drop down projection screen in place.

Studio "B" finished and functional

Studio "B" under normal lighting

Studio "C" features a historic MCI JC-636 recording console built in 1979, this console came from Alberts Glebe Studio in Sydney.

Studio "C" is setup with 32 tracks of ProTools and 24 tracks of 2" analogue.

There are four effects racks in Studio "C", this is the main one behind the mix position and affectionately known as The Island.

A photo looking back in the room, there is a Tascam 2" 24 track tape machine in the rear corner.

The Gasworks flyer, all three studios have been installed by Hux.