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Hux Electronics : Gallery 15

More photos of audio stuff.

Soundtracs Megas recording console at GBass Studio

Soundtracs Megas recording console at GBass Studio during service work, repaired by Hux

Soundtracs Megas recording console at GBass Studio

Studio 3 at Crow FM, a cute little Elan Audio Merlin broadcast console, installed by Hux

Studio 3 at Crow FM

Studio 3 at Crow FM

A Tascam M5000 recording console at Domenic Sound, serviced by Hux

A Soundcraft "Ghost" recording console at Gestalt Industries Studio, lots of gear in here serviced by Hux including the console, installed cabling by Hux

The tracking room at Gestalt Industries Studio

A Soundcraft MH4 live mixing console at Norwest Productions, repaired by Hux

A pair of custom high current 48 volt power supplies built by Hux for Meyer Sound Australia, they drive a few different models of powered speakers in this way.

A Dodson Audio DA-218 Palladium, a two channel DAC intended for the high end audiophile market, repaired by Hux (with some help from Bruce at Audio Art).

A Sony X-555-ES CD player, this was a benchmark high end audiophile showroom unit in its day, all copper chassis, very overbuilt power supplies, a really nice solid bit of kit, owned by Hux but no longer used, now replaced by an even more loved Denon DN-C680.

A Prism Sound "Dream" ADA-8XR multi-channel AD/DA convertor, a reference point for all other AD/DA convertor products. This was just passing by, I had never seen under the top cover of one of these and I still haven't.

An Otari MTR-90 Mk-II 2" 24 track tape machine during alignment after having the heads lapped, serviced by Hux.

A TecSound CSM-2 Calibrated Sound Monitor system. This is one of those units that cuts the stage power if the band get sustainably too loud. TecSound went bust and the original microphone on this system got stolen, so I made another one using a Behringer ECM-8000 as a base. There are a lot of mods in this mic to make it work with this system. It has to present the right load to the CSM-2 so that the anti tamper circuit works properly and I have trimmed the output to within 0.2dB of the sensitivity of the original microphone. The XLR output pins are now : pin-1 ground, pin-2 mic signal out, pin-3 15 volts DC.

A Gallien Krueger 200MB bass amplifier. The pile of stuff in the foreground is broken down foam from inside the amplifiers road case that had deteriorated and then lodged in the roll surround of the speaker. No wonder the amplifier sounded naff when it came in.

An air conditioner made by my 13 year old son. It has a fan blowing air into a box filled with party ice and another fan blowing the air back out and into a flexible and extendable 100mm duct, powered from a variable voltage power supply for varispeed. It works well but does go through a lot of ice. It has since been modified with a chute to enable more ice to be added without having to lift the lid.