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Hux Electronics : Gallery 16

More photos of audio stuff.

A Midas XL-200 console at Twin Towns Services Club, this used to be owned by the Brisbane City Council, serviced by Hux.

The outboard rack at the Twin Towns Services Club mix position, not a good photo as you cant really see what is in there.

A power supply for an SSL Series 4000 recording console, an emergency repair Christmas Eve 2011

The item on the right is one of the bridge rectifier diode blocks out of the above SSL power supply, it is rated at 40 amps and 200 volts, the bridge rectifier on the left is rated at 50 amps and 600 volts, a sign of how things have changed over the years.

Telefunken M221B microphone and Schoeps N20B power supply, repaired by Hux.

2 x Neumann KM54 microphones and N52A power supply, repaired by Hux.

Neumann M582 microphone and N61V power supply, has defective capsule, still in progress.

2 x Neumann KM84 microphones, repaired by Hux.

Neve 32087 Mastering Equaliser owned by Matthew Gray Mastering, tested by Hux.

A very old looking Marshall Super Tremolo Deluxe guitar amplifier, repaired by Hux.

Two different vintages of Marshall JMP amplifiers, owned by Kevin Borich, repaired by Hux

Two different vintages of Marshall JMP amplifiers from the rear.

The newer of the two Marshall JMP amplifiers.

A Marshall, Fender and Bugera stack, all owned by Kevin Borich, repaired by Hux.

AKG N12K Power Supply for a valve microphone, with bolted on pattern control box.

Rear view of the AKG power supply, this unit is serial number #18

A Soundtracs Megas Studio recording console, I added a full hardwired star earth system, rebuilt the power supply and repaired the CPU.

The CPU in a Soundtracs Megas Studio console,getting some serious TLC

Most of the Megas console was in bits, I left some channels in the console to act as a workbench.

Part of a large multipin connector job for Meyer Sound, this shows the pins after being soldered on.

Inserting the pins into the block, each pin needed just a dab of a "personal lubricant" to help it to go into the block (a legit recommended practice, I kid you not).

The finished block

All the bits ready to be screwed together

A finished cable loom, this one has unusual breakouts and joins, the tails lengths are all very precise.

A bunch of power and signal breakout cables that were a part of the same job