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Hux Electronics : Gallery 17

More photos of audio stuff.

Multipin madness, making EDAC looms

Multipin madness, making EDAC looms continued

Multipin madness, making EDAC looms continued

Meyer Sound power cable mod, replaced the Powercon connectors with fixed power cables to enable these boxes to fit a tight mounting space

Meyer Sound power cable mod continued

A nice Studer 2" machine at Helliport Studios, aligned by Hux.

An Amek Agela recording console at Eleven PM Studios, repaired by Hux

Major modifications to a Soundcraft Series Five live console at The Tivoli, repaired by Hux.

Soundcraft Series Five continued

A very big forklift, a Control Devices consultation job.

A warning sign on the very big forklift, rest assured I took note of this one.

A Meyer Sound line array PA on the top deck of the cruise ship Pacific Dawn, approximately a 30KW system when you add in the subs, repaired by Hux

Standing behind the top deck movie screen on the ship Pacific Dawn.

Two Meyer Sound subs per side on the ship Pacific Dawn, a massive sounding rig, fully exposed to the weather but designed to take it.

AV mission control on the ship Pacific Dawn. The nearest computer screen supervises every section of the PA system via Meyer Sound's RMS software.

Banks of hard drive video and music players in AV mission control on the Pacific Dawn

An AKG C12 microphone owned by Lush Studios, repaired by Hux

The AKG C12, could this possibly be the serial number ?

The AKG C12 back in its cozy storage box

An escape from the workshop to mix a bit of live sound at the Soup Day annual fundraiser at Cedar Creek Hall.