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Hux Electronics : Gallery 18

More photos of professional audio equipment, otherwise known as gear porn

A really nice compact DDA mixing console, serviced by Hux.

The rear panel of the DDA console

Canned drums anyone ? Made by one of my kids for a school project

K-Rasa Productions, various bits in here serviced by Hux

Another view of K-Rasa Productions

A Klempt "Echolette S" valve tape echo, an interesting little beast, repaired by Hux

An oldie Sennheiser dynamic microphone, cant remember the model at the moment

An RCA 96A, custom racked and restored by Rob Squire at Pro Harmonic in Adelaide

A Sound craft "Ghost" recording console, repaired by Hux

A Sound craft Spirit "Live 8", repaired by Hux

A TAC "Scorpion" live console, restored after being water damaged in a massive hail storm that broke the roof of the studio building that it was in.

TAC "Scorpion" innards

The finished TAC "Scorpion"

A Tandberg student cassette machine from a reasonably large language laboratory, this system just keeps on going in spite of its age, repaired by Hux

A Toft "ATB" recording console receiving a massive mod, involving changing nearly all of the non EQ op amp IC's

The finished Toft "ATB" console, I have modified and repaired quite a few of these now.

An SSL Series 4000 recording console at Lush Recording Studios, ongoing service works by Hux

Another view of the SSL console

The left hand rack at Lush Recording Studios

The right hand racks at Lush Recording Studios, this place has an incredible array of desirable outboard gear and mics, various bits repaired by Hux

An Otari MTR-90 2" tape machine at Lush Recording Studios, repaired and aligned by Hux