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Hux Electronics : Gallery 19

And yet more interesting bits of professional audio tackle

An Anthony Demaria Labs ADL1000 Compressor/Limiter, repaired by Hux

An on-site repair of a Toft ATB recording console

A pair of AWA BAR-2 broadcast amplifiers (mic mixers), rebuilt by Hux

I needed to make a new 64-way main loom for a Soundcraft Series Five console and my IDC crimping tool was not big enough, so I made a custom tool.

Loom under construction

Finished loom

A David Eden WT-800 bass amp

The same amp during re-assembly, these things sound great but could be built a lot better without much effort from the manufacturer.

An Audio Developments AD146 mixing console, a serious portable mixer designed for film set and ENG work

An original Fender Super Six, most people cut these down to a smaller size and so I don't see the originals very often.

A Modular Electronics ME-75 Hi Fi power amplifier, built to be able to supply high current to the speakers when needed, pretty chunky for 75 watts/channel

An SE Electronics SE-4400a microphone, sadly the capsule saddle comes loose or breaks in these units, but I have worked out a cure.

A Neumann equalizer, very compact for a hand made device with normal sized parts

The Neumann EQ back together again

A very early Vox AC-30 (not sure of the exact model)

A home made clone Pultec MB-1 valve pre amp, repaired by Hux

The front of the Pultec MB-1 clone

A Purple Audio MC77, a great copy of the Universal Audio 1176, repaired by Hux

Purple Audio guts

A Retro 176 limiting amplifier, repaired by Hux

Retro guts

A nearly new old stock head block for a Revox A77, cheaper to buy this entire block than to buy just one new head.

An NJM Audio "SSL Mix Box", this is a custom passive input active buss summing amp using actual SSL mix buss cards

Inside the NJM Audio "SSL Mix Box"

A stack of interesting bits, EMT "262 Gold Plate" electronics, Urei 1178 dual channel peak limiter and an SSL FX-G384 stereo compressor

A Yamaha PM-430 mixing console, modified and fitted with pseudo balanced direct outputs, by Hux