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Hux Electronics : Gallery 21

An ever expanding list of professional audio stuff, repaired or installed by Hux

Radio Lollipop studio in the Gold Coast Hospital. I have built a few Radio Lollipop studios over time. The room allocated in the brand new Gold Coast Hospital is tiny. Radio Lollipop is broadcast to children in the wards via the in house entertainment system and streamed live to other hospitals via the web. There are about 30 Radio Lollipop studios around the world. This photo shows the completed studio on the announcer side. Nearly all of the equipment was recycled from the old Gold Coast Hospital building apart from a new computer playout system.

Looking from the guest side into the announcer side at Radio Lollipop Gold Coast. This installation was completed in October 2014

Radio Lollipop at the brand new Lady Cilento Children Hospital (LCCH) in Brisbane. This entire studio was prefabricated in the UK and then shipped to Brisbane, interestingly it took nearly the same amount of man hours to get it fully functioning that it would have taken to cable from scratch (part of this was simply to do with the difficulties of working in a brand new hospital building).

LED strips inside the perspex benchwork change colour depending on the function of the studio, blue when not "on air", green when its going "to air", red when a microphone is open and flashing (in the relevant colour) if there is an incoming phone call, it is quite cute and neat in practice.

On the outside looking in.

Another photo of Radio Lollipop LCCH from the outside. This installation was completed in December 2014.

The spring assembly out of an AKG BX20E stereo spring reverb. This is an amazing unit, supposed to be the king of recording studio spring reverbs if you are into that sort of thing. This cage normally sits inside a cardboard tube that is suspended by springs inside its cabinet. This photo does not show any of the electronics which are all mounted on the cabinet door. A very exotic beast.

Another perspective. Each of the two springs is triple length, it runs up, then down, then up again with transducer coils at each end.

A close up of one of the pairs of transducer coils (the tiny little red things). Each coil is offset by 90 degrees to the other and offset 45 degrees to the magnetic field that they both sit in. One coil is a sender and the other is a pick up. You can also see the four tiny wires (bunched together so they look like one wire) that run from the coils back to the end stock.

A different perspective looking at the same pair of coils so you can see just how small they are. A tricky repair as one of the other coils (not in this photo) has been burnt out and replacements will be hard to find.

A Bewitch 6550 Hi Fi valve amplifier. A very good affordable Chinese made amplifier, these sell new for under $1000 for 30 watts a channel of all valve power.

A Soundcraft CPS-2000 power supply to suit a Soundcraft Series Five live console. These are very solidly built but occasionally have fuse holder trouble, which is odd as the fuse holders are industrial grade. The problem is that the fuse holders are too big for the wire size that goes into them which stops proper contact from being made, the wire is not clamped properly, heats up and melts the fuse. I have done a few of these over time, not too hard to make reliable.