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Hux Electronics : Gallery 7

Fender Vibro King amplifier, owned by Kevin Borich, repaired by Hux.

Hux quality control, no amplifier can leave the workshop without thorough testing, Isabel (at about 20 months old in this pic) is a natural at this stuff.

A fairly old Meyer Sound 500 series power amplifier output block, a nice chunky bit of engineering, repaired by Hux.

A Neumann M7 tube microphone system, owned by Darren Middleton, shown clamped in a rubber jaw vice as I didn't have the stand mount, repaired by Hux.

A Tandberg cassette based language laboratory, repaired by Hux

Another angle on the Tandberg language laboratory during the production line repair process. The decks all fit into the desk holes and face upwards in normal use.

Just to keep my hand in I mix the odd live gig, this was a CD launch for Dale Jones out at Samford Valley. We used a pile of self powered boxes for this show and it all worked quite well. The instrument line up included, electric bass, double bass, cello, flute, violin, acoustic guitars, keyboards, drums and vocals. I enjoy working on "event" type shows and it gets me out of the workshop.

Front of house at the Dale Jones CD launch, a very compact but well appointed mix rack (on left) with all kinds of nice goodies in it (A&H WZ3, Lexicon, TC Electronic, DBX, Klark Teknik etc), supplied by Nicholson Audio.

A D&R Series 4000 recording console owned by Darren Middleton, serviced by Hux.

A Flot-A-Tone guitar amplifier, I had never seen or heard of these before until this one turned up at the workshop, this is the front view, repaired by Hux

The rear view of the Flot-A-Tone amplifier.

A Soundcraft MH4 mixing console at Norwest Productions, repaired by Hux

Behind the front panel of an EMM Labs ADC8-Mk-IV AD converter box, repaired by Hux

A nice photo of a Nagra V portable two track hard disk recorder, now this is a nice machine. Its so easy to forget that companies like Nagra still exist and still build great products that are made to last.

Hux Balanced Buss Summing Amplifier. This unit was custom built for David Spearritt (Brisbane), it is fully balanced buss summing amplifier. The brief was to make the signal path as uncluttered as possible, with as much headroom as possible (with a conventional PSU), with as low a noise floor as possible and with as clean a sound as possible. More info on this box can be found here

A Soundtracs "Solo Logic" recording console owned by Kevin Borich. Serviced by Hux.