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Hux Electronics : T Shirt Gallery

Tech people rely on free T-shirts as we are too hopeless to shop for clothing, send me a T-shirt and I will probably wear it :

Warren in Aisle Six T-shirt, kindly supplied by local Brisbane audio hire company Aisle Six Productions

Warren in a Martin Audio T-shirt holding a TL Audio cup, kindly supplied by Technical Audio Group (TAG)

Warren in Aisle Six T-shirt with optional live guinea pig hat, kindly supplied by Alexander.

Alexander and Julian modeling Shure T-shirts with matching hats, kindly supplied by Jands Electronics

As above but without the hats.

Isabel with Shure hat.

Warren in Meyer Sound T-shirt, kindly supplied by Meyer Sound Australia, Warren also has other Meyer Sound supplied clothing and accessories.

Another Meyer Sound T-shirt, good old Meyer Sound Australia, I would run out of clothes if it weren't for them.

Ashton Guitars T-shirt, kindly supplied by Australis Music, modeled by Alexander (a bit wet and grubby at the time).

Britannia Row T-shirt, kindly supplied by Production Manager extraordinaire Kerry Nicholson of Nicholson Audio, special bug eyed look created by lack of adequate sleep combined with coffee boost.

I don't remember where this one came from, I think was sent out when I renewed my subscription to Audio Technology Magazine.

Warren in a Brisbane Sound Group (BSG) T-shirt from the nice folks at BSG (naturally).

Soundtech T-shirt kindly supplied by National Audio Systems (NAS) at Entech 2006

Nicholson Audio T shirt, kindly supplied by Nicholson Audio (funny about that)

Some of my shirts are wearing out, it must be time to go hunting for T shirt swag again, I wonder if I can get free ones in colours rather than black :)

Norwest Productions T shirt, kindly supplied by Norwest Productions, I love the fact that it is not black as I have enough black T shirts already.