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Hux Electronics : Technical Reference Material

This area is intended for reference material plus service notes on common problems in professional audio equipment. Its a slow process to write stuff and post stuff so please check back every now and then to see what has been added.

Cat 5 Cables : Cat 5 cable termination, crossover cables, etc

Technical Data : by Altronics : great reference stuff that is in the back of the Altronics catalogue

On-Line Technical Calculator I : by Grant Ettrick of EAV (Ettrick Audio Visual), one of the founding members of AARG

On-line Technical Calculator II : lots of audio and other technical calculators and info, a huge resource.

Basic Vacuum Tube Theory : text borrowed from : www.oldtuberadio.com

Crown Amplifiers : Service School : very clear technical info on solid state electronics and the workings of Crown amplifiers

Comparison of Microphone Sensitivity : a handy reference

Convert Anything to Anything : a great conversion calculator web site