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Hux Electronics : Gallery 4

Following is a varied collection of pictures of equipment (and some people). I have forgotten to take pictures of most things and many of the older photos that I have are filed away in forgotten places. Most of the stuff shown here has been repaired, installed, operated or otherwise just droolled over by Warren Huck and/or Hux Electronics. I will post more images here when I get them. I repair and/or install a wide range of pro audio stuff, the following is only a small sample.

Midas XL-3 console at Norwest Productions Qld, serviced by Hux.

Soundcraft MH4 console Norwest Productions Qld, serviced by Hux

The original version of the Hux TC-Pre on the far left, fondly called the "Hux Box" by the owner, David Spearritt of Lodestar Recordings. The Hux Box is shown plugged into a Nagra V portable hard disc recorder during a recording session inside a Mercedes Benz car showroom in November 2005. The "Hux Box" was custom built for David Spearritt as he required a very portable high quality pre-amp to go with his recording setup. The Hux Box features two channels of Lundahl transformer coupled mic pre-amp stages with switched gain, full time phantom power and a built in M/S matrix. There are four XLR balanced outputs on the rear of the box, these being left, right, middle and side (M/S). The overbuilt power supply is in an external box of about the same size as the pre-amp. The Hux Box has now evolved to become the Hux TC-Pre which is rack mounted with an internal power supply.

Further detail of the recording session described above.

The Hux Box and Nagra V on location in Banglow with David Spearritt in 2005

Further details of the Banglow session

Another recording session in Banglow 2005 but this time with a Sound Devices pre-amp (on the right) plugged into the Nagra V recorder. David Spearritt and Lodestar Recordings own an array high quality mic pre-amps, including Amek 9098, TC Electronic Gold Channel, Hux Box, Sound Devices, Schoeps and FS Audio.

Further detail of above

An Auditronics Model 700 recording console at Farmhouse Productions, used with ProTools HD, owned and operated by Mark McDuff, outer Brisbane, a very comfortable control room, serviced by Hux.

A Soundcraft Spirit Studio recording console in a private home studio in Brisbane, teamed up with ProTools Digi 001, serviced by Hux.

Techno-Cat, this cat belongs to Mike Diack, fellow technician and a founding member of AARG

A nice Otari MTR-90 Mk-II two inch twenty four track tape machine at Jumpstart Productions, Brisbane.

A Studer B-67 1/4" at Jumpstart Productions, Brisbane.

A 1981 Alembic "Series One" long scale bass owned by a Brisbane live sound engineer. Living proof that I sometimes repair things other than consoles and tape machines. This is a beast of a bass, a very long neck and very comfortable to play. Not shown are the required external power supply and umbilical cord required to connect the power supply and the instrument together (note the male 5-pin XLR connector close to the tail).

A Yamaha 1027 graphic equalizer, these are getting very long in the tooth and now often need TLC, the high end Alps cut/boost faders all feel as if they were manufactured yesterday even though they are probably 25+ years old, they don't build them like this anymore.

A fader from the Yamaha 1027 shown above, this shows the stainless steel front and back slide rails, the fader is also shown bolted back into the block with some of its brothers, these things are solid bits of engineering and are repairable.

Hux Electronics main dummy load, this 2Ru box holds 16 x 100 watt 4 ohm wire wound resistors and is air cooled, it can easily handle 1600 watts long term and 3200 watts short term without any real stress, switchable for 2 x 12 ohms, 2 x 8 ohms, 2 x 4 ohms, 2 x 2.6 ohms and 2 x 2 ohms, plus any combination of the two sides, I use this box to test power amplifiers and power supplies, I also have a smaller 400 watt dummy load that does 2 x 16 ohms, 2 x 8 ohm and 2 x 4 ohms.

Live mixing consoles piled up for repair at Hux Electronics, lots more on the other side of the workshop.

A channel strip from an SSL 4000 E recording console mounted on the SSL built test jig, 25 years old and still going strong, will probably work for 25 years more.

A 36 pole change over relay from an SSL Computer Bypass Unit for an SSL 4000 series recording console, this is one of the four relays used in this 1Ru box which enables the console to be used without the computer, you don't see this kind of thing very often.

The above relays mounted back on the circuit board, lots of wire links.