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Men's Groups

Men's Groups are a collectives of ordinary men involved in sharing an extraordinary journey which is life itself.

Most operate as closed groups, new members can be admitted by invitation only (sorry about that).

For anyone (in Queensland) interested in attending a men's group I recommend doing a "Common Ground" course via Men's Wellbeing

There are links on the Men's Health & Wellbeing web site for the other states.

I also highly recommend the two men's festivals held each year in South East Queensland, these being "Manhood" and 'Manshine". Information about these two great festivals is available via the Men's Wellbeing website. "Common Ground" experience is handy but not essential for these festivals and you will find that all are warmly welcome regardless of experience.

My experience of the men's group that I am in : I find if to be a very real, honest and grounding experience, there is nothing like it in my normal day to day life, I cant figure out why it has taken me so long to join such a group. My men's group is a spin off from a Common Ground workshop. For a small group we have a very diverse range of backgrounds, ages and outlooks, this diversity often enables amazing insight into the topics under discussion. Everybody is given time, space and respect for their opinion, it is a very safe place, people listen. I always come away from group meetings feeling energized and like I have gained something special.

General Rules That Men's Groups Use (pdf)

Pathways To Manhood Guide (pdf)

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