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Hux Electronics : Service Notes

This area is intended for reference material on common problems in professional audio equipment. Its a slow process to write and post stuff so please check back every now and then to see what has been added.

Cooling Mod for Apple G5 iMac : how to fix the noisy fan without opening the box (pdf)

How to Bake a Tape : how to build your own tape baking box (pdf)

How to Bias a Valve Guitar Amplifier : valve amp biasing should only be attempted by the technically competent (pdf)

IDC Connector Faults : the good old "bump" connector and "transition" header : these are commonly used in everything.

Klark Teknik DN360 Graphic Equaliser : Common Faults (pdf)

RCF ART 315 and 325 Mute Capacitor Mod (pdf)

RMGI 900 Recording Tape (pdf)

RMGI 911 Recording Tape (pdf)

Soundtracs "Source" Power Supply Repair Notes (pdf)

VA Ratings For Power Generators (pdf)